Across Dimensions ISE Cultural Foundation New York January 15th February 27th, 2010

明日金曜日、Shingo Francisさんが参加するグループ展がNYにてスタートします。



January 15th February 27th, 2010

Curated by:
Sayaka Ashidate

Shingo Francis
Kaeko Mizukoshi
Kazuki Umezawa

Artist Talk:
Friday, January 15th, 3-5 pm

Opening Reception:
Friday, January 15th, 6-8 pm

ISE Cultural Foundation
555 Broadway
New York, NY 10012
T: 212-925-1649
F: 212-226-9362

umezawa kazuki(梅沢和木)

<From info.>
In Across Dimensions, two-dimensional surfaces were selected as the creative means for examining a flat surface form of _expression that aspires to four dimensions.

Most of the images we see today, such as movies, T.V. sitcoms, music videos and commercials are edited with digital technology using computers. This digital editing is also known as non-linear editing based on the fact that image material can be randomly accessed, and compared to film or tape editing the editing process is enormously simplified (cut and paste for example) and the creator is able to edit more freely.

Through these images of slow motion, stop motion, reverse, repeat and so forth, we have become accustomed to a sense of time, not possible in our physical world, which is the focus of this exhibition. This altered sense of time is the focus of the exhibition. The artworks in this exhibition deal with this malleable sense of time in a two-dimensional flat surface as apposed to artworks such as that of moving images and the like. Although their studio practice vary with one another all three artists work is two-dimensional, and incorporates time as a fourth dimensional element into their work. The inclusion of the distortion of time is born from the mixing of the different timelines intended by each artist. Placed on a flat surface, time moves freely between the past and future. This type of two-dimensional _expression has emerged only because of our constant exposure to a new sense of time, which has been transformed by the advent of digital editing techniques. It can be said that this represents a new reality.

The world of the artists that unfolds in two-dimensional flat works expands time and space and provides us with an opportunity to discover a new dimension.

This exhibition is supported by Mr. Fred Nicholas, GALLERIE PARIS, and the ISE Cultural Foundation.