完売コスメに新展開 シーズンごとに登場する12体の限定コレクション”MYリップモンスター“/MY Lip Monster,” a limited edition collection of 12 pieces that will be introduced each season.



Since its launch in April 2021, KATE’s lipstick, Lip Monster, has been selling out instantly when it hits store shelves.

Although the lineup has increased, there are still almost no stores that have it on the shelves at all times, but it has been announced that 12 new limited edition colors will be released in a year for 2023.





KATEはいわゆるドラコスと呼ばれる国内ブランドのなかでも、いわゆる「モテ」である万人うけではなく、メイクで自己主張し、個性をメイクで表現する。そのキャッチコピー「no more rule」からも明らかです。これまでのイメージモデルに中島美嘉、黒木メイサ、木村カエラなどがいるあたり独特なメイクを追求していることが伝わるでしょうか。





First, let me explain why Lip Monster is so popular.

Lip Monster is a brand of Kanebo Cosmetics, Inc. KATE is a brand that is sold mainly in drugstores and variety stores, where it is displayed on shelves without face-to-face sales.

KATE is not a “mote” brand that caters to everyone, but rather a brand that uses makeup to assert itself and express its individuality through makeup. This is evident in its catch copy “no more rule. The brand’s past image models include Mika Nakajima, Meisa Kuroki, and Kaela Kimura.

Lip Monster was launched in the midst of the Corona disaster. People were living under masks for a year, and fewer people were wearing makeup. Mascara, eyebrows, and eyeliner, which emphasize the eyes, sell well, but some people don’t wear lip makeup, thinking that it will come off with the mask anyway. In fact, sales of makeup products had been declining.

Lip Monster, which appeared like a comet at such a time, does not easily fade off even when wearing a mask, and it also clears the problem of lipstick that does not easily fade off = lips that are easily roughened. It is also popular for its ability to moisturize.

The secret behind the lipstick’s resistance to fading is a proprietary technology that utilizes the moisture that evaporates from the lips to transform into an adhesive gel film.

The reputation of this lipstick has spread by word of mouth, and a cumulative total of approximately 8 million units of the series have been shipped.


1年で12体の限定カラーが登場する 「MYリップモンスター」が始動



Lip Monster is expected to come out with the next color, but for 2023, instead of seasonal colors such as spring and summer, there will be three limited-edition colors for each season, each with a monster design. This is an attempt to expand the fun of finding one’s own unique lip, based on one’s birthday month, anniversary, the monster’s appearance, personality, or story, as one wishes.

 The first season will feature three limited-edition monster colors based on the theme of January through March, followed by a series of limited-edition monster colors based on the theme of April through December. The next season 2 will be released in June, season 3 in September, and season 4 in December.


season 1は1月から3月までの3色を、2023年3月25日(土)より数量限定で発売いたします。 店頭へは、 2023年3月21日(火)より順次入荷の予定です。

Season 1 will be available in three colors from January to March in limited quantities from March 25, 2023 . The products will be available in stores from March 21, 2023.