‘when you look in the mirror, you better love what you see.’ by シェリル・リー・ラルフ




今日は2023年度の批評家連盟協会賞のコメディ部門にてABCのドラマシリーズ「アボット・エレメンタリー(Abbott Elementary)」にて助演女優賞に輝いたシェリル・リー・ラルフのスピーチ。


Every mistake, every back break, every ‘No’, every rejection, in an industry that when I was 19 years old was quick to tell me there was no place for me. That Sidney Poitier looked at me and said, ‘You’re a damn good actress.’ That God could lead me to a moment when a young woman by the name of Quinta Brunson would look at me and say, ‘Ms. Ralph, I’m not sleeping on your talent.’

Thank you. As a supporting actress, I am supported well, by an incredible crew, by incredible staff, by incredible producers, who put in the work, each and every day.

To all of you watching here, come close to the screen and listen. People don’t have to like you, people don’t have to love you. They don’t even have to respect you. But when you look in the mirror, you better love what you see.





「アボット・エレメンタリー」は2023年1月現在の日本ではDisney+またはApple TVで視聴できます。